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The Theological College of Northern Nigeria is home to the TCNN Research Bulletin.  For thirty years the TCNN Research Bulletin has been providing theological research in the African context.  Major universities and seminaries throughout the world subscribe to the TCNN Research Bulletin.  See below for highlights of past issues.

In addition, TCNN staff regularly publish academic and pastoral works.  Africa Christian TextbookS (ACTS), one of Africa's major Christian book importers and distributors, has its centre on the TCNN campus and can supply a comprehensive list of TCNN publications.  For more information see or write to:

The Manager
P.O. Box 2020
Plateau State

Subscriptions to the TCNN Research Bulletin are available from:

The Editor
TCNN Research Bulletin
P.O. Box 64
Plateau State

Subscription rates for four issues/two years are:

        ₦1500 for subscriptions in Nigeria
        $30, €20 or £15 for foreign subscriptions

Request and payment for subscriptions sent to U.S. addresses may also be sent to:

Rev. Dr. Timothy Palmer, Editor
831 Hazelwood Drive
Lincoln, NE 68510

TCNN Research Bulletin

Number 63 (September 2015)

Dr. Andy Warren-Rothlin, "Paul from Zealot to Suffering Servant (Gal 1:11-17) and Modern Religious Zeal" (pp. 4-19) Kindle Version

Mrs. Linda Horlings, "A New Hausa Bible Translation That Brings Out Meaning" (pp. 20-23)

Dr. Sunday Agang, "A Vignette on the Bible and Human History: Biblical Humility as a Gift" (pp. 24-34)

Dr. David Smith, "The Word for the Whole World" (pp. 35-44) Kindle Version

Number 62 (March 2015)

Dr. Rahila Jakawa, "Engendering Theological Education for a Transforming Pastoral Ministry" (pp. 5-16) Kindle Version

Rev. Samuel Nwokoro, "A Biography of Rev. Dr. Harry Boer" (pp. 17-33) Kindle Version

Rev. Dr. Joel Biwul, "Understanding Temple Concept and Cultic Worship in Israelite Religion"

Number 61 (September 2014)

Dr. Sunday Agang, "A Theological Analysis of Violence between Communities in Nigeria Today" (pp. 4-15) Kindle Version

Rev. Dr. Joel Biwul, "The African Tradition of Burial in the Ancestral Land and Its Implications for the African Church Today" (pp. 16-30) Kindle Version

Rev. Dr. James Reynolds, "A Comparative Analysis of the Healing Acts of Jesus with Healing Today" (pp. 31-43)

Number 60 (March 2014)

Mr. Peter Young, "Prosperity Teaching: A Theological Evaluation" (pp. 4-16) Kindle Version

Prof. Timothy Palmer, "Prosperity in the Old Testament" (pp. 17-23)

Rev. Victor Audu, "Paradise: A Source of Inspiration for the Renewal of Social and Economic Structures in a Global Society" (pp. 24-34)

Number 59 (September 2013)

Prof. Musa Gaiya, "Bridging the Gap between Formal and Non-Formal Theology in Nigeria" (pp. 3-10)

Rev. Dr. Gabriel Olaniyan, "Modeling Christian Leadership after Leadership Traits of Prophet Elijah" (pp. 11-27)

Rev. Dr. Joel Biwul, "The Challenge of Pastoral Hermeneutics in Africa: Suggestions for Effective Preaching by Nigerian Pastors" (pp. 28-42)

Number 58 (March 2013)

Dr. David Smith, "Mission, Violence and Suffering" (pp. 4-15) Kindle Version

Mr. Ibrahim Bitrus, "The Theology of the Cross: A Stumbling Block to the Neo-Pentecostal Gospel" (pp. 16-28)

Dr. Richard Burgess, "Nigerian Pentecostalism and Civic Engagement: Mission in the Midst of Poverty and Violence" (pp. 29-44) Kindle Version

Number 57 (September 2012)

Dr. Peter Bartimawus, "European and African Influences on the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria" (pp. 4-13)

Dr. James Reynolds, "The Significance of Contextual Theological Education in Theological Instruction" (pp. 14-25)

Dr. Zechariah Nassara, "Prophet Amos, the Conscience of Israelite Society: Lessons for Contemporary Church Leaders" (pp. 26-40)

Prof. Andy Warren-Rothlin, "Recent Progress in Bible Translation in Nigeria" (pp. 41-44)

Issue Nr. 56 (March 2012)

Prof. Timothy Palmer, “African Christian Theology: A New Paradigm,” (pp. 4-15) Kindle Version

Prof. Mark Hopkins, “At the Crossroads in Jos: To Manzikert or Poitiers?” (pp 16-28) Kindle Version

Dr. Dauda Andrawus Gava, "Moral Economy in James," (pp. 29-40)

Issue Nr. 55 (Sept 2011)

Most Rev. Peter Akinola, "Biblical Theological Education,” (pp. 4-8)

Prof. Tersur Aben, “Incarnation and Causality,” (pp. 9-18) Kindle Version

Rev. Dr. Philip Tachin, “A Calvinistic Christological Understanding of the Inspiration of Scripture,” (pp. 19-37)

Issue Nr. 54 (March 2011)

Rev. Dr. Chentu Nguvugher, "Nigerian Religious Pilgrimages: Piety or Economic Waste?" (pp. 4-18) Kindle Version

Rev. Jordan Rengshwat, "Henry George Farrant: The Last of the Venns?" (pp. 19-32)

Prof. Tersur Aben, "Divine Simplicity and Property Exemplification," (pp. 33-48) Kindle Version

Issue Nr. 53 (Sept 2010)

Rev. Dr. Philip Tachin, "Islamic Contradiction on its Teaching on Peace, Life and Property Protection in the Nigerian Context,"  Kindle Version

Rev. Dr. Dauda Chentu, "Luther and the Turks: Reflections on the Jos-Bukuru Crises,”

Prof. Dogara Gwamna, "Christians and the Challenges of the End Times,"

Rev. Dr. Timothy Palmer, "Reformation Perspectives on Abiding in Christ"

Issue Nr. 52 (March 2010)

Dr. Andy Warren-Rothlin, “Bible Translation and Evangelism in West Africa,” (pp. 4-18)

Dr. David Smith, “Theology as a Voice for the Voiceless: Jean-Marc Éla’s ‘African Cry,” (pp. 19-29)

Dr. Gwamna Dogara Je’adayibe and Dr. Amango A. Kudu, “Sliding towards Armageddon: Revisiting Ethno-Religious Crises in Nigeria,” (pp. 30-)  Kindle Version

Issue Nr. 51 (June 2009)

Prof. Danny McCain, “Theological Education for a Mature African Church,” (pp. 4-26) Kindle Version

Prof. Musa Gaiya, “Theological College of Northern Nigeria,” (pp. 27-40)

Rev. Dr. Sidney Garland, “The Role of Creeds in Promoting Evangelical Christianity,” (pp. 41-56)

Issue Nr. 50 (September 2008)

Rev. Dr. Timothy Palmer, “Dividing the Word Correctly: An Evaluation of Exegetical Models,” (pp 4-13) Kindle Version

Rev. Jordan Rengshwat, “Christian Association of Nigeria,” (pp. 14-29) Kindle Version

Rev. Dr. Tersur Aben, “Omnipotence and Quantification,” (pp. 30-40) Kindle Version

Issue Nr. 49 (March 2008)

Rev. Dr. Tersur Aben, "Divine Extrinsicality and Immutability", (pp. 4-11) Kindle Version

Rev. Nyampa Kwabe, "The Lord's Supper in 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 and the Kamwe People", (pp. 12-25)

Mrs. Justina Damap, "The 'Real Widow' in 1 Timothy 5 and Nigeria Today", (pp. 26-32)

Mrs. Rahila Jakawa, "The Role of Sunday School Teachers in the Encouragement and Counselling of Children", (pp. 33-42)

Issue Nr. 48 (September 2007)

Timothy P. Palmer, "Martin Luther's Theology of the Cross in the Nigerian Context", (pp. 4-12) Kindle Version

Bitrus A. Sarma, "Belief and Character:  Theology and Ethics of Road Safety in Nigeria", (pp. 13-27) Kindle Version

Wendy E. Helleman, "Philosophy as Basis of Christian-Muslim Dialogue", (pp. 28-40) Kindle Version

Issue Nr. 47 (March 2007)

Rodger Petch, "Jeremy Hinds: Teacher and Apologist to Christians and Muslims" (pp. 4-15) Kindle Version

Sidney Garland, "Preaching Christ in Africa Today" (pp. 16-36) Kindle Version

Andy Warren-Rothlin, "Finding Christ in the Old Testament: Traditions and Types of the Messiah" (pp. 37-52) Kindle Version

Issue Nr. 46 (September 2006)

Timothy Palmer, "Byang Kato: Rejectionist or Conversionist?" (pp. 4-18) Kindle Version

Rebecca Samuel Dali, "The Effects of the Jos Ethno-Religious Crisis on Women" (pp. 19-35)

Nyampa Kwabe, "Father-Son Imagery in Psalm 2 and the Kamwe People" (pp. 36-43)

Musa Mambula, "A Theological Response to HIV and AIDS" (pp. 44-48)

Issue Nr. 45 (March 2006)

Rebecca Samuel Dali, "The Jos Religious Crisis: Mutuality and Interdependence as Needed Solutions" (pp.4-20)

Adrian Helleman, "The Original Great Commission and Christ's Great Commission" (pp. 21-37)

Solomon Umazi, "The Restoration of the Outcast: An Exegetical Paper on the Story of Zacchaeus in Luke" (pp. 38-50)

Issue Nr. 44 (September 2005)

David Crozier, "Discipleship and Bible Translation in Nigerian Languages" (pp. 4-13)

Nyampa Kwabe, "The Messianic Theme in Psalm 72" (pp. 14-28)

Yoilah Yilpet, "Canon Criticism and its Significance for Evangelical Theology" (pp. 29-49)

Issue Nr. 43 (March 2005)

Peter Young, "An Evaluation of Prosperity Teaching" (pp. 4-15)

James Reynolds, "The Relevance of Martin Luther for the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria" (pp. 16-23)

Timothy Palmer, "The Relevance of John Calvin for Nigeria: Political Reflections on his Sermons" (pp. 24-31)

Nuhu Elisha, "A Comparative Study of Gender Equality in Christianity and Islam" (pp. 32-46)

Issue Nr. 42 (September 2004)

Dr. Timothy Palmer, "Jesus Christ our Ancestor?" (pp.4-17) Kindle Version

Dr. Theresa Adamu, "Islam and HIV/AIDS," (pp. 18-26)

Dr. Musa Gaiya, "The Complexity of the Shari'ah Debate in Nigeria," (pp. 26-43)

Book review: Nigeria's Decades of Blood, by Jan H. Boer, reviewed by Dr. Timothy Palmer, (p. 44)

Issue Nr. 41 (March 2004)

Rev. Dr. Danny McCain, "The Theology of the Phrase 'Blood of Jesus,'" (pp. 4-19)

Rev. Nuhu Elisha, Sr., "Children Participation in the Lord's Supper," (pp.20-28)

Dr. Wendy Helleman , "Biblical Canon Formation: A Response to Muhib O.Opeloye," (pp. 29-42)

Issue Nr. 40 (September 2003)

Dr. Mark Hopkins, "A Curious Incident: The Intermediate State," (pp. 4-18)

Rev. Dr. Tersur Aben, "Necessary Bodily Resurrection," (pp. 19-32)

Rev. Dr. Adrian Helleman, "Mission and Unity: Twin Foci of the Church," (pp. 33-48)

Issue Nr. 39 (March 2003)

Rev. Dr. Yoilah Yilpet, " An Exegetical and Theological Analysis of Psalm 110," pp. 4-24

Rev. Zechariah Nasara, "The Relevance of Habakkuk for Nigerian Society," pp. 25-35

Dr. John Boer, "Nigerian Muslims and the Miss World Pageant," pp. 36-43

Issue Nr. 38 (August 2002)

Rev. Karimu Damap, "The Role of Theological Institutions in Training for Wholistic Development," pp. 4-10

Rev. Dr. Danny McCain, "Faith Under Fire: A Journal of Reflections from the Jos Crisis," pp. 11-21

Rev. Luzu Yilkangnha, "The Plight of Widows in the Bible and in the Church in Nigeria," pp. 22-31

Rev. Dr. Tersur Aben, "Ntetem on the Ancestorship of Christ," pp. 32-38

Rev. Nuhu Elisha, "Review of 'Littafin Sabon Alkawari,'" pp. 39-40

Issue Nr. 37 (March 2002)

Special Issue on Christianity and Islam

Table of Contents

Dr. David Smith, "Between Bukuru and New York: Reflections on Islam, Christianity and Western Values," pp. 3-11

Dr. Theresa Adamu, "The Need for Religious Co-Existence," pp. 12-23

Drs. P. Ostien and J.D. Gamaliel, "The Law of Separation of Religion and State in the United States: A Model for Nigeria?" pp. 24-35

Dr. Ida Glaser, "Roles and Relationships: Women and Men in Islam and Christianity," pp. 36-47

Issue Nr. 36 (October 2001)

Rev. Alan Chilver, "Spiritual Formation in the Theological College," pp. 4-14

Dr. Richard Burgess, "Revival and Mission Initiatives in the Wake of the Nigerian Civil War," pp. 15-27

Rev. Dr. Yoilah Yilpet, "Righteousness as Order in Isaiah 1:21-31," pp. 28-38

Issue Nr. 35 (April 2001)

Rev. Dennis Egbogah, "An African Understanding of Christian Spirituality," pp. 4-16

Rev. Eze N. Eze, "The Biblical and Igbo Concepts of the Atonement," pp. 17-25

Dr. James Bartlett, "Atonement in the Old Testament," pp. 26-44

Issue Nr. 34 (October 2000)

Rev. Dr. Sidney Garland, "The Theological College of Northern Nigeria: A Brief History," pp.4-19

Dr. Sylvester S. Shikyil, "The 1999 Constitution and the Sharia Legal System in Nigeria," pp.  20-35

Rev. Dr. Musa Gaiya, "Review of Paul Gifford, 'African Christianity: Its Public Role'", pp. 36-37

Rev. Dr. Timothy Palmer, "Review of Yusufu Turaki, 'Christianity and the African Gods'", pp. 38-39

Issue Nr. 33 (March 2000)

Dr. Jan Boer, "The Nigerian Christian-Muslim Stand-off: Some Underlying Issues," pp. 4-23

Rev. Gwamna Dogara Je'adeyide, "Power Encounter and the Pentecostal Challenge," pp. 24-33

Prof. Dr. David Smith, "Between Jos and Oxford: Personal Reflections on Theology Between Two Continents," pp. 34-39